Elon Musk & 2018

I’ve written about Tesla’s growing community of advocates back in 2013…well, it’s now becoming real. Though is it happening because of an explicit push or something happening naturally due to increased sales?

My hypothesis is that I think Elon is being Elon and going on a major PR push in 2018.

Been tracking since February and it keeps on confirming along the way. With the Starman launch (February), Grimes (May), and “Pedo” (sigh) (July), I think there’s something going on in terms of media coverage on various issues in the US/Worldwide, and Elon Musk is either trying to take advantage of it or doing his own thing. Feel free to add the search term “pedo” to this Google Trends chart…I won’t.

Maybe this is Elon “taking control of the narrative”?


I haven’t done a multivariate analysis with Tesla’s share price, but it might be worthwhile now. Once the shorts/media started their campaign last year, it became clear that Tesla’s share price was going to be affected in a hedge-fund kind of way. I think this company should be valued, at least, at 2-2.5x higher than the current by end of 2018, if the market is accurate and corrects itself.