Tripping on Accelerating Change

I felt inclined to re-read Bill Joy’s 4/2000 Wired piece today after reading up on Vicarious, Magic Leap and a few other companies around AI and augmented reality.

Why? I think it was really due to nerves. Feels like the rate of technological improvement is the highest its ever been in the history of human civilization. It’s invigorating to be a part of, but also very disconcerting. To me, it feels like we’re in a system that’s stuck in a constantly accelerating rate of change.

I believe humans were built to manage and direct systems that persist at steady paces, not those that accelerate exponentially. Sure, we can sprint in specific directions, but our minds and bodies require breaks inbetween to review and manage our general path. We don’t have the natural/genetic capability to accelerate and course correct at the same time continuously. If we want to continue this pace while still ensuring we’re on the right direction, we’ll eventually either stop, augment ourselves, or build something that can and have it do it for us.

At this pace, I think we’re going to sprint too hard in one or many very risky areas and create problem(s) we can’t fix.